Massimo Dutti poloZara suit trousersAdidas Originals Adilette slides

It's true that my day to day clothing is almost always made up of black and blue and grey and white basic stuff... That's why I'm always in da search for the perfect basics which are those that mix good quality and good finishes and make me feel comfortable and look great every day all day. Here I am wearing some of my wardrobe essentials: THE polo (that gives me a smart look and I'm still feeling like wearing a tee.. maybe that's the reason why it's constantly on rotation every single day) A good pair of suit trousers (seriously couldn't live without 'em) and last but not least It's hard to admit but in the last months I'm suffering such a serious sneaker fever... but, is there a better way to finish a look than with a pair of white sneakers (or slides..)? Way simple to achieve that effortlessly allure...

While editing this editorial I've found the perfect way to show you some of the many images I have to discard from a shooting but I want you to see (like a behind the scenes), so hope you enjoy them! xxx

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